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Firewood Follies

Our firewood supply is worryingly low due to the very cold weather. Our plan today was to hitch up the utility trailer and take it to Big R Ranch & Home Supply in Fallon and buy a pallet (half a cord) of Douglas Fir firewood, which we call "fence posts" because that's what it looks like. While connecting the trailer, Lisa noticed that my right turn signal was out. She replaced the bulb. It's still out. That's an electrical system problem she couldn't fix. And in addition, the right rear light on the utility trailer wouldn't fire as well. (The right front light on the van works. Go figure.) So I need to get that fixed sooner, not later, as I am thus out a right turn signal and brake light. Bad.

As Lisa's suggestion, I called Big R to confirm availability of firewood pallets. All out. 27 pallets on order, but they have none in stock now. Oops. That's bad, but kudos to Lisa for having me check, saving us a fruitless 50-mile round-trip to Fallon.

We called the place in Fallon from which we'd previously purchased two cords delivered of split pine. He's all out, although he does have some hardwood, including walnut for sale by the palatalized half-cord, which means we could drive over there to get it. He's not open on Sunday, though, and on weekdays only by appointment, so we have to drive over there tomorrow afternoon to get a half-cord of walnut ($170) and hope that the missing tail light doesn't get noticed. Tuesday I'll try to find someone to work on fixing the tail light circuit.

To deal with the immediate issues here, we cut up the six pieces of "fence post" that were over-length, making eighteen more pieces of burnable wood, and we broke down one of the pallets from Big R (these are free) into pieces small enough to burn. The pallet will keep us warm the rest of this afternoon and into the early evening, and then I need to put one of the remaining large pine logs on the fire before going to bed.
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