Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cold At Bay (For Now)

Rather than risk me being ticketed for having a taillight out on the van, Lisa used the Small Orange Pickup to tow the utility trailer over to Fallon, where we bought a half-cord pallet of walnut from Flame-O's Firewood, from which we'd purchased wood a couple of years ago. He's no longer selling the large quantities of softwoods and is concentrating on hardwoods like cherry and walnut.

Because it was nearby and we needed some small bits of hardware from them, we went on down to Big R, where we learned that they'd just taken delivery on 27 pallets of the "fence post" Douglas fir firewood. We may go back in a few days and buy a pallet of it; we have to eventually go back to Fallon and drop off the pallet from Flame-O's, as unlike Big R, they re-use the pallets.

Returning home, Lisa pulled up right along the fence line, got up in the trailer, and handed down the wood to me to load straight into the wood box. That pretty much refilled the 3/4-cord wood box, which is good, but the weather continues to be quite cold, and while walnut burns longer than pine or fir, we'll need to go get more wood soon and stock up. I don't mind having an oversupply of firewood, after all, as we'll eventually use it.

Tomorrow I need to go see if a the auto mechanic down the street can look into fixing the circuit that feeds the right tail light. Given that the utility trailer's lights worked right away when plugged into the pickup and the right front turn indicator works, we figure there must be something upstream from the tail light itself.
Tags: house, lisa, van, wood

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