Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Christmas Feast in Sparks

After spending several hours setting up the Fannish Inquisition videos to upload, Lisa and I headed for the Sparks Nugget for Christmas dinner at Orozko. Naturally, because we had a reservation, this time we didn't need one, as they were not backed up. In any event, it was an excellent meal, including some of the nicest roast lamb I've ever had. (I should not be surprised that a Basque-themed restaurant has good lamb, of course.) One of the managers spotted us, recognized us — travelswithkuma is memorable — and said that she had hoped to see us and thanked us for coming.

The purchase of the Nugget by Eastern Interests from the Ascuaga family has not initially adversely affected the quality of the food or other amenities, but it's early days yet. We've got our fingers crossed that they are able to remodel and refresh the place without ruining the things we liked about it.

We walked around the hotel for a while to try and work off some of the huge meal. (To my astonishment, even after having sugary desserts, my blood sugar was (barely) normal an hour after dinner.) We also briefly played the slots, quitting while we were a couple of dollars ahead and going home.

To my surprise, the Inquisition videos were still uploading when we got home. I left them to percolate overnight and went to bed early. Someday when we've accomplished a lot more with this house, we may have the local cable company put in a separate high-speed connection that possibly has better upload speed than the AT&T DSL that is optimized for downloads because of course nobody actually produces anything; everyone consumes content generated by Large Entertainment Corporation. (When we've talked to AT&T about this, we've been told "the upload speed cannot be changed" and "if you want faster uploads, you need a Commercial account, which will cost vastly more than your residential service," depending upon to whom we are talking.) In any event, getting internet from two different providers, despite the double cost, is probably in the long-term cards on account of how critical it is for my job that I always have an internet connection.
Tags: casinos, food, internet, restaurants, smofs, sparks, work

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