Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Extra Trip

There were a couple of errands we needed to do in Sparks that can only be done on weekdays before 5 PM, so I was able to get my Day Jobbe work done by 3 PM on Friday and we headed off to Sparks. Unfortunately, one of the places (a window/door company we're trying to get to replace the door to the family room) turns out to have (in effect) taken the entire period from Christmas Eve through January 2 as a holiday. Oddly, they will be open for a few hours only next Monday during that entire period, which seems sort of pointless; why not just take the entire two weeks and be done with it? Anyway, we got the other errand done, and also redeemed a $10 off $30 coupon from World Market that had to be used before the end of the year and for which we had no difficulty getting things.

We initially planned on going to the Atlantis Friday Seafood Buffet, but too many other people had the same idea, so we balked and headed to the Sparks Nugget and John's Oyster Bar for shrimp pan roast. It seemed like the entire staff recognized us and kept coming by to say hello. The meal was excellent as always. As we were getting up to go, a couple of gentlemen who had Higher Management plastered all over them came in and spoke briefly to the manager, then headed past us toward the kitchen. One of them asked us, "How are you doing?" and Lisa said, "Great! This is our favorite restaurant of all!" He smiled and they both went on about their business into the back hallways of the hotel.

As we left, I asked the manager, "Is that the New Top Boss?" and she said yes, it was the new CEO. She was very pleased that we'd gushed over her restaurant to her own boss.

We then went and played some slot machines. Despite Lisa's best efforts to give the Nugget $20, she kept winning, including a very nice bonus round on the Jewels of the Night machine and in the end won more than enough to make up for the money I'd spent on tickets for Keno Bear. (It's okay, travelswithkuma is 23 years old, so he can mark his own keno tickets.)
Tags: casino, food, lisa, reno, restaurants

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