Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

NYE (Not the County)

We're off to Reno/Sparks for dinner and the New Year's festivities at the Nugget in Sparks. Inasmuch as I've been awake since 4:30 AM this morning, don't expect to hear from me until relatively late tomorrow. (Fortunately, Lisa slept in and might drive us home. Neither of us drink alcohol, so only fatigue is an issue for us.)

Update, 22:00: We'd planned on having dinner at the Nugget Steakhouse, but they were backed up for three hours and we were hungry, while the Oyster Bar had merely a 30 minute wait, so we ate there instead. Lisa finally managed to give that $20 to the Nugget's slot machines she'd been trying to feed them for several weeks now. While there were some fun things going on, including people in interesting outfits (not just the staff like the "Nuggettes" showgirls), it didn't seem to have the same energy as last year's party, and furthermore they apparently weren't giving away anything like the $10K they did last year. On top of all that, both of us started feeling very tired, and so we went home early. On the bright side, the roads were nearly empty, whereas at 1 AM they're apt to have a lot more people heading home from parties in various stages of inebriation.
Tags: casinos, lisa, reno, sparks

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