Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

It's Not All About You

(I speak only for myself. I'm not even on the Loncon committee.)

I'm starting to think that there are some people in fandom who need a "pre-chewed food" membership class, whereby they would pay an much larger sum of money to make sure the convention sells them a single package deal whereby they have to do absolutely nothing, never read anything sent to them, and simply walk through the convention obliviously.

And to anyone at all who complains that there aren't enough hotel rooms very close to the convention center at Loncon 3: That's true of almost every convention site in the world with a small number of exceptions, most of which are in the USA. Unless you're saying we must limit Worldcons to the Chicago Hyatt *shudder*, I think you have to accept that sometimes you won't always get what you want. The failure of the convention to cater to your personal desires does not mean "They're trying to destroy all of fandom!"

Also, complaints about how people who did read instructions and were waiting for when reservations open actually booked all of the rooms for a Worldcon that might actually be the largest one ever held amount to complaining that "The place is so crowded, nobody goes there anymore."
Tags: conventions, loncon, worldcon
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