Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Case Example of American Privilege

daveon comments on the latest complaints from the poster child for American entitlement culture within SF fandom.

It would appear that Jo has decided to improve the Worldcon experience for the rest of the members. Anyone want to pick up a Worldcon membership for $160 should go here. (If you need help moving currency between GBP and USD, contact me; the Bank of Morgan Standlee will help you.) Alas, the well-intentioned fjm has inadvertently fed into his paranoid fantasy that the room booking is rigged in favor of "insiders." And now that he's read that one message, he'll doubtless use it to deny the truth of any other facts, including those from other convention committee members actually involved in dealing with room bookings.
Tags: fools, worldcon
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