Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

To Tell the Tooth

I knew I had a dental appointment coming up soon, but I'd forgotten to write it down or enter it into my scheduling software after the last appointment, and I'd forgotten to call the dentist's office to check the data. Fortunately, I got a reminder postcard today, and even more fortunately, the appointment is during the next two-week stint I plan to be in the Bay Area, so I don't need to reschedule it. I don't make my work schedule far enough in advance to be able to plan the appointments that far ahead of time, so sometimes when we get closer to the date, I have to ask them to reschedule. Sometimes, they've called me and said, "We have an opening this morning if you're available and want to come on in now instead of next week." I'm a pretty easy-going dental patient as things go.
Tags: dentist

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