Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Spanner in the Works

About a week before I got home from my last working trip to the Bay Area, the non-sparking propane safety wrench Lisa uses on the trailer's propane bottles broke. This was annoying, but not critical. You can use an ordinary adjustable wrench on the bottles, but this was a very handy wrench, precisely made to fit propane bottles, and even had printed on the wrench arrows to remind you that you were working with left-hand thread. We assumed that this would be an easy item to replace, but we appear to be wrong. None of the hardware or RV supply stores we've tried have them. Searching online this evening, as bad luck would have it, we found the exact same wrench sold on eBay two days ago. The company that makes the Sav-A-Nut Propane Safety Wrench appears to be out of business. It was a handy thing to have, and of course you don't want to generate sparks around propane bottles. We'll keep an eye out for another one, and I now have a standing search on eBay should another one come up for sale.
Tags: lisa
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