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Match Game at Westercon

Westercon's Programming folks have said that they are tentatively interested in having me host Match Game at Westercon, and they've put "Match Game panelist" as a choice on program participants' questionnaires. They aren't certain they can provide the physical set-up we had at BayCon (and which I would prefer), but there are alternative set-ups we can work with. (As I've described, there are various levels of sophistication with the game, and we can drop down levels if necessary.) I already told them that panelists who did the show with me at BayCon will have first crack at panel slots at Westercon if they are interested. (So y'all need to tell me if you will be going to San Diego and want to be a panelist again.)

I've decided that, given freedom of set design, I want the panelists bank (the two rows of three) set at stage left (not center like we had it at BayCon), and canted twenty degrees or so so, with the contestants at stage right and canted the opposite way. That way the contestants can see the panelists more easily. (BayCon set things up the way I requested. I just didn't think the set design out properly.)

I like having the opening titles animation, but it's not at all mandatory. If we ever stage it in a large venue, I hope we'll have rear projection or a ceiling mounted projector. One thing I kept doing at BayCon -- and it was inevitable, given how we had to arrange things -- was walking in front of the projector as I had to go back and forth to the announcer table so Eric could announce new contestants, prizes, and commercials. Of course, with fewer tech constraints, we have a fixed microphone at that table so I don't have to go over there.

And to those of you who were telling me that Gene Rayburn's microphone was corded: I stand corrected. I forgot that 1970s technology would have made a wireless microphone much more troublesome than it is today.
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