Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Grocery Balk

For the second week in a row, we were unable to do a "big grocery" shopping run in Reno, although we did get all of our other chores done.

We got away from Fernley reasonably early (by our standards) and decided we'd try the breakfast buffet at the Bourbon Square Casino in Sparks. This is the former Silver Club, located across the street from the Nugget, which went out of business a couple of years ago and recently was resurrected with a New Orleans theme. While not actively bad, their breakfast was nothing to repeat, and Lisa observed that their dining room feels more like a high school cafeteria with Mardi Gras posters. It was reasonably priced, but we think we're better off at the Atlantis.

We had a long list of errands to run today, starting with poking around Twin Cities Surplus. Lisa has a project for which she needs about a meter of rebar, and she'd rather not pay full price for it; unfortunately, the only rebar they had was too long (wouldn't fit in the van and they won't cut it down for us) or too short (half-meter lengths).

West Marine had RV/marine holding tank low-impact toilet tissue made in the USA, unlike the RV supplies from Big R. Indeed, there was a surprisingly-large stock of US-made stuff at the boating supply store.

Our second surplus store also turned up no sales — Lisa is trying to find a replacement military uniform belt, but the military surplus stores appear to be dominated by cheap Chinese-made knockoffs of the genuine articles. I wonder if all of these would-be warriors in their camo gear ready to survive the apocalypse of the fall of America that is obviously only days away (and has been for many years) realize that they've kitted themselves out with a bunch of gear that just sucks their money overseas. OTOH, we did find US-made genuine military boots, and I might go back there when my current work boots wear out.

There wasn't much at Grocery Outlet that filled the bill for us today. We made another stop at Cost Plus World Market because we got another 15% off coupon; however, we'd already bought most of what we wanted last week, so we just picked up another couple of boxes of the nice Belgian chocolates that Lisa likes. Whole Foods Market managed to avoid taking a big chunk of cash, as we only wanted some cashews and the nice sandwich bread. The locals who make a good pasta sauce were there demonstrating it as they've done before. Lisa went up to them and the lady said, "Can I interest you in trying a taste of this?"

Lisa said, "No, I don't want to taste it. I want to buy it!" What an easy sale.

Rather than get on the freeway to go only two or three exits, we tootled down South Virginia Street, where we saw a place selling used computers and decided to have a look. My goodness, they have a huge stock of Dell desktop machines of various vintages, including the same type of machine I still have from work that used to be my primary modeling computer but is now sitting in a warehouse in Fremont serving primarily as a location for a software license key and as a sort of last-ditch backup for me when I need to test stuff on Office 2007.

Next was Lucky Brand Jeans near the Mt. Rose Highway. Lucky sells jeans that Lisa likes, and she needed more jeans. Alas, while Lucky runs lots of sales, none of the current ones applied to these jeans. Lisa bought three pair anyway, as it's the first time she's been there that they actually had three pair of her size in stock.

As we were at the south end of the Reno area, we went to the Winco there, and saw that it was very crowded. When the first thing Lisa wanted turned out to be out of stock, we decided to balk and go up to the Sparks location at the north end. That one turned out to be even more crowded, and they were also out of stock of Lea & Perrins sauce. When we saw the check-out lines (every line open, every line backed up 15-plus deep), we balked entirely, handing our cart off to someone waiting at the front door. (They were so busy that even though they were retrieving carts almost as fast as possible, they had run out.) It was only then that I remembered that today was the first Saturday of the month, not to mention the day before The Game Whose Name Must Not Be Mentioned Without a License from NFL Properties. As a rule, I've got to remember to never go grocery shopping on the first Saturday of the month if I can avoid it, particularly when it falls on the first day of the month as well. That's because so many people get their payments then that they flood the stores. I have more flexibility in my schedule and I would rather spend my time doing things other than queuing for groceries.

We'd been out and about in Reno so long that we were getting hungry again, and headed to the Nugget for our favorite meal, shrimp pan roast. We were disappointed that in an economy move, the satellite keno station serving that side of the casino had been closed, and there were no longer keno runners in the restaurant. Although the keno repeater boards were still running, we had to go over to the main keno lounge and buy a ticket there before going to have dinner. It is presumably part of the inevitable restructuring under the new ownership.

I was concerned that Lisa would be in trouble on account of us not having done a big grocery trip two weeks in a row, but she assures me that she can get by. We always keep a pretty large stock of non-perishables (having enough room to do so in Fernley House helps a lot), and she can run over to the local Scolari's Grocery if necessary. If she gets too far behind, she can drive herself into Reno/Sparks and deal with it. The pickup (or the Big Orange Van) needs to get out and stretch its legs periodically anyway.

Weather for tomorrow forecasts a chance of snow developing over Donner Summit in the afternoon, so I need to consider getting up relatively early (like my normal work-day early) and get on the road as soon as I can, to avoid the weather. I'm partially packed anyway, so it should be relatively easy to get going in the morning.
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