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Hanging the Armadillo

In the BayCon art show, I bought a nicely framed print of Jim Burns' Spaceport Glasgow (the link takes you to the CafePress store where you can buy merchandise imprinted with the artwork). This is a limited print (10 of 75) of the artwork that Burns did for the cover the Interaction program book, and it is, IMO a wonderful piece of artwork. If I ever have an office instead of a cubicle, I will hang this piece there. Indeed, as "captain" of the WSFS Armadillo, I'd love to own the original, but that's never going to happen, so I'll have to settle for this print. I feel lucky that I was able to get it for the minimum bid of $150.

I hung the artwork this evening over my fireplace. (We never have a fire in the gas-fired fireplace, as the apartment never gets cold enough to need it, but we do have a fireplace.) I was fortunate enough that there happened to be a couple of wall studs in the right places, so the pair of wood screws I drove to hold the artwork up are biting into studs, not just the drywall. The art looks evenly hung, and the placement is nice.

Except...I've discovered that the way my living room is lit, there's glare off the print no matter what I do. Moving the floor lamps is unlikely, as they're placed so as to cover the whole room with light. There's a chance the artwork won't look right except maybe in natural light. And I don't have a lot of blank wall space onto which I'd like to hang it. Oh, I could hang it on the wall behind the sofa, but I want to be able to see while sitting on the sofa, just like I can see my ConJose-surplus Hugo Award trophy and cherylmorgan's real 2004 Hugo Award.

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