Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Lisa drove us in the Big Orange Van to Reno/Sparks today to do a large-scale shopping restock. She hadn't been into Reno since our last trip (where we balked on grocery shopping due to a multiple-convergent madness) and the larder, while not bare, needed refilling. We started with the Atlantis bunch, which prevented us from over-purchasing groceries. We got pretty lucky again, queue-wise. When we arrived, there were only three groups ahead of us. By the time we left, the queue stretched well back into the casino. If we had just arrived, we would have balked.

We made our usual stops an Cost Plus, Whole Foods, Grocery Outlet, and Winco before heading home. No excitement. The wind storms are gone for now, and the weather is very spring-like. (Boo, hiss, we need snow and rain!) Aside from needing to clean out the dust (Lisa has been using the leaf blower to try and clear away the accumlations), we plan to try and spend the rest of the day doing very little. I need the rest.
Tags: home, lisa, reno

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