Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Boxes and Desks

This afternoon, Lisa came in to my office (that is, our living room) looking very winded. She'd unloaded my minvan and put all of the boxes away, except those that were to come into the house. Among those were a piece of IKEA kit; an extension for my pair of desks that I someday hope to use in the upstairs office when we get it habitable (water, heat, air conditioning) again. But without even opening the boxes, we could see that the extension (which we'd intended to use to join the pair of desks) is too large. It's the only size they make for that type of desk, but it isn't going to work. Fortunately, the boxes haven't even been opened, and so I should be able to return them with no difficulty (other than getting up to Palo Alto) when I next go to the Bay Area.

Lisa says that that the garage's storage capacity is approaching, given that we want to still be able to park one vehicle (the Small Orange Pickup) in there. We'll have to do some serious thinking before I bring another load of boxes home. Unfortunately, there are at least one or two van-loads of boxes left in the locker. It is at least possible that we might end up renting a smaller locker in Fernley for stuff that won't fit anywhere in the house.
Tags: furniture, house, lisa

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