Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wood We Do

Sunday afternoon, Lisa hitched the utility trailer to the Big Orange Van and pulled the trailer with a pallet of Douglas fir alongside the fence so we could unload it. We filled the wood box back up, then put the overage onto a pallet alongside the wood box and covered it with plastic in case we do get some rain.

The wooden sides of the utility trailer consist of eight-foot-long 2x10s, and they are worn out. While in Mehama, Lisa had managed to replace some of the 2x10s, but the upper ones are failing quickly. After lunch, we drove the trailer over to Lowe's, intending to buy some pressure-treated 2x10s. The ones Lisa did in Oregon she treated herself with wood preservative, but it was so much hassle that we wanted to go ahead and buy pre-treated wood and be done with it. Except that Lowe's doesn't sell pressure-treated wood in that size, only 2x8 and 2x12. So rather than buy untreated boards, we balked entirely. (If it turns out we can't find 2x10s that we want, we might have to buy untreated 2x10s and paint them. In this climate, the anti-rot wood-preservative treatment is less important than it was in Oregon.)

After putting the utility trailer and Big Orange Van away, we drove (in my van, which is more comfortable) over to Big R in Fallon, where we bought nine more paving stones, which should complete the project to cover the dirt area between the sidewalk and the wood box so that we don't have to walk in the dirt (or sometimes mud) when getting wood for the fire.

On the way home, Lisa suggested we stop for dinner at Fernley's newest restaurant: Denny's. A Denny's opened in the new Terrible's Truck Stop-Casino that opened a few months ago near the old Truck Inn. (The Truck Inn closed before we moved to Fernley and was demolished. All that's left is its distinctive sign visible from the freeway.) We had a coupon good for a dinner discount, so we went, and also checked out our town's newest casino.

They have one of the multi-player blackjack machines that I'd only seen in Las Vegas before. After signing up for their slot club (not that we'll likely ever gamble enough to make it worthwhile), Lisa sat down to play. We played the first few hands using basic strategy and lost them all. Lisa then decided to play things her way. She was dealt a hard 17 versus a dealer 6. She doubled down. I wailed, "What! No!" The double-down card came: a 2! She won the hand and ended up breaking even on blackjack and cashing out. My head spun. Or maybe it was just the fatigue catching up with me as we headed home after a generally productive day.
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