Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to San Jose

I headed out from Fernley this morning and got over the pass before the slushy light snow at the summit turned into more serious snow. West of there, and for most of the rest of the drive I had to deal with light to torrential rain. I'm not complaining; we desperately need more rain (and snow up higher; I want snow amounts like what stranded the City of San Francisco back in 1952). But unlike the maniacs out there who think that heavy rain means "go faster," I slow down in the snow and rain, and that means it took longer than my already relatively sedate pace to get to San Jose. I left Fernley about 9:30 AM and arrived at my hotel in San Jose, 300 miles later at 6:30 PM, having stopped for lunch at the Black Bear Diner in Auburn, and having made several other stops along the way as well.

Now I need to get unpacked and deal with some things I put off all of last week and now have no more time to delay on account of I need them by tomorrow night at the BASFA meeting.
Tags: basfa, travel, weather

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