Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Goldfinger on the Big Screen

Because of the SFSFC Board of Directors meeting this afternoon, I had to stay Friday night in the Bay Area, and thanks to (a) finally having had something approaching enough sleep and (b) being able to leave work on Friday at a decent hour, I was able to go to The RetroDome screening of Goldfinger with an introduction by a Bond enthusiast who gave us some facts about the movie that I was unaware of. I met up with fellow BASFA members Jerry Majors Patterson and her husband dprisoner, although Ken wasn't able to join us until the second half of the movie because he was running the Box Office for the show.

I'd seen the movie before, of course, but never actually on a Big Screen, and the Century 21 is a great place to see a movie. Alas, this may well be the last time I'm there, for the word has come down that movies end at the end of this month, and while work to try and declare one of the remaining domes a landmark approaches, that by itself won't save things. The owners of the land are certain they can make a whole lot more money knocking down the old dome theaters (as they already did to the RetroDome's old home and to similar Century theaters) and doing something else with them. So I have to get to these shows while I can. I do very much hope the RetroDome team are able to find a new permanent home so they can settle down and put on some more live theatrical shows again.

Because of the movie, I was out relatively late and was grateful that I was able to sleep in clear until 7 AM (two hours earlier than I've been getting up for Day Jobbe when I'm in the Bay Area; I get an extra hour of sleep when working from home) and was able to have a fairly leisurely morning before packing out of the room up to Fremont for the SFSFC meeting. After the meeting, I started off for Fernley, only to get a phone call from those still hanging around telling me that I'd left my extension cord and Giants coffee mug behind. Fortunately, I hadn't even made it to Niles yet and was able to reverse course relatively quickly and retrieve my stuff before heading off again around 2:30. Seven hours later, I was home in Fernley, where I'll be for the next week. Lisa had a fire going and both she and travelswithkuma were happy to see me. The Bear now has his own computer running a continuous slide show of Fish and Bears eating Fish.
Tags: fernley, kuma bear, retrodome, sfsfc

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