Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Dreams of Bouncing Balls

I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning I awoke to one that was strangely vivid and somewhat head-scratching, so I'm going to see if I can get the details down before I do forget it.

I dreamed that I was at the Australian Open tennis tournament. That's not impossible; I typically sign up for Tennis Channel's contest to send two people to the Aussie Open. I dreamed that I was on TV, which is also not impossible, as Tennis Channel typically will do a short segment with the contest winner during the two weeks of the tournament. I dreamed that I was on the tennis court in Margaret Court Arena during a slow period of the first few days, which is pushing things because the schedule is usually pretty busy then. I dreamed that I was playing tennis on that court, which is really starting to get odd but within the context of the dream not utterly impossible on the grounds that the Tennis Channel might have arranged for the winner to play a set on that court subject to a schedule hole created when all of the real matches ran short. My opponent was Jimmy Connors, which continued to seem odd but not completely impossible. Conners beat me 6-1. And then I woke up because that was just too much.

So, playing an exhibition set at the Australian Open on one of the three show courts against Jimmy Connors, I could believe. That I could win a game against him when I've never actually played tennis in my life was my flying snowman moment and was sufficiently implausible that it woke me up. Oh, well, I needed to get packing to drive to the Bay Area today anyway.
Tags: australia, tennis

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