Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Follow Up: The Truck Lost Worse

Some of you may recall the story from about a month ago of the truck that got stuck on the railroad tracks just west of Fernley.

(Summary: Idiots drove a truck onto the tracks (not at a grade crossing), got stuck, and while they were trying to pull it off using another vehicle, along came a train. Everyone got clear, the train hit the truck.)

A few days ago, Lisa and I rolled an empty bottle of propane on our hand truck over to Hanneman Service, the local tow company, who also sell propane. While we were paying, we asked they were the ones called out to retrieve the wrecked truck. They were, and in fact, the truck was in their wrecking yard next door.

We asked if we could take a look, and the guy on duty said, "Sure!" and let us into the lot. Fortunately, I remembered that my phone has a camera in it.

Yeah, that's pretty much a write-off. Lisa she thinks you can see an impression of the locomotive's forward coupler on the driver's side door.

Fortunately, nobody in this incident was hurt, except maybe the idiot driving his girlfriend's truck after he told her what he'd done to her pickup.
Tags: fernley, trains

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