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Errands in the Rain

Lisa was sufficiently fretful over being able to get to our assigned meeting place by Noon today and about the snow over Donner that she couldn't get to sleep last night and instead left at about 4 AM. The Small Orange Pickup has snow tires and 4WD and did not need chains even though R2 conditions were in force. (She says that she never actually engaged the 4WD but that the chain-up check point waved her through.) Accordingly, she got there more than two hours ahead of me. I was there just after Noon, delayed a bit by rain driving from Tracy and Lodi.) We dealt with our business (I'll say more about what that business was next week sometime when the paperwork matures) and went to the hotel to check in. It's the Holiday Inn Express Sacramento Convention Center, which once again completes another goal in the IHG Big Win promotion. (Only two more goals to go, which we'll complete in a multi-night stay near the end of April for the final Big Win bonus.)

After checking in to the hotel and moving my stuff either to the hotel room or to Lisa's pickup truck, we piled in to my van and went to Yuba City to evaluate the situation at my storage locker. We put another load of boxes into my van, bring the locker below 50%. Furthermore, it looks like the only thing left in the locker that won't fit in my van would be the sofa, which I've agreed to give to my sister. Lisa and I talked it over with my sister and nephew and decided that at the end of April, we'll come to Yuba City, rent a U-Haul pickup truck for a couple of days, and my nephew will help Kelli and me extract the sofa and take it to my sister's house. They'll have to bang on it with brooms and a vacuum cleaner for a while to make it usable again, but it should still be an improvement on what they currently have.

Lisa and I will spend the rest of that weekend deciding what to retain and what to discard and probably taking at least one load to the landfill — there is a derelict box spring & mattress set on which I slept for a year or so twenty years ago before moving everything into that locker, for instance, and a whole lot of empty boxes that I'd been stockpiling "just in case" and for which we now see very little likely future use. There's also a large heavy steel desk that Lisa wants for her workshop in the garage at Fernley House; however, it breaks down into pieces small enough to fit into the back of my minivan, so we can take it home with us. After that, it will only be a matter of time before I can get the last of the boxes out of the locker and close it out. I've had that locker now for nearly twenty years, as I opened it in 1994 when I first moved to the Bay Area. I hope to get it closed sometime this year and stop spending $60/month on storage space.

After a brief stop at my sister's house to discuss the plans for Moving Daze with her and her son, Lisa and I drove back to Sacramento. Lisa, who hadn't slept in about 36 hours, finally fell asleep, and as soon as we got back to the hotel, we got her tucked away to try and catch up on the missed sleep.
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