Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Still Legal

We got word this morning from the WSFS attorney (yes, we have one, and she's done a fine job for us for which I'm happy that we can pay her a reasonable compensation funded by donations from Worldcon committees) that the US Patent & Trademark Office has verified that WORLDCON has been re-registered as a service mark for another ten years.

Several other WSFS-owned service marks are up for renewal this year and our attorney is taking care of them. The full list will be in the WSFS Mark Protection Committee's report to the WSFS Business Meeting in London. If anyone ever looked at our reports and wondered why the committee was sitting on about $10K of WSFS funds, it's because of things like this. The renewals come due every ten years, you see, so in between, the MPC builds up funds to use both to pay the lump sum of renewals when they come due in batches like this and to have a reserve to pay for when we have to get our attorney's advice on service mark issues, which happens at least once a year.
Tags: worldcon, wsfs

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