Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hugo Announcements Ahead

In case you missed the post on the Hugo Awards web site, here's a note that the finalists for this year's Hugo Awards will be announced this Saturday. The main announcement event will be at Eastercon in Glasgow starting at 8:30 PM BST (12:30 PM PDT where I am in Nevada), along with satellite events at Minicon in Minneapolis (2:30 CDT) and Norwescon in Seattle (12:30 PM PDT), and the whole thing is to be broadcast on UStream, technology permitting.

Due to the arrangements coming together rather late in the process, we're not planning a CoverItLive event on the announcements this year; besides, except for Dave McCarty — who as Hugo Administrator will be too busy on Announcement day — none of the Hugo Awards Marketing Committee members are going to be at any of the Announcement events. I'll be watching them, however, and posting the nominations shortly after they're announced at

Note that Loncon elected to go with the terminology "Hugo Award finalists" rather than the traditional "Hugo Award Nominees." I think this is the right decision now that people have got it into their heads that one person writing their name on a Hugo Nominating Ballot makes that person a "Hugo Award Nominee" despite more than fifty years of contrary practice and tradition.
Tags: eastercon, hugo awards, worldcon

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