Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Maybe Tomorrow

I had more thoughts about the Hugo Awards to write tonight, but I'm too tired now. I've spent the evening at BASFA and then in the hotel where I'm staying the rest of this week, where I've spent the past hour-plus trying to get its wired internet access to work. I've concluded that so few people are using wired connections that the hotel's wired router needs kicking, and the front desk is closed this late at night, and it's not urgent enough to get someone out of bed. Maybe I'll convince them to restart the router when I get back from work tomorrow afternoon. This hotel (the Candlewood Suites; I needed to check off one more IHG brand and three more nights to complete the Big Win Promotion for a pot o' points) is adjacent to a Caltrain station, and I'm thinking of using Caltrain tomorrow instead of driving to work. It would be one way to keep me from spending another 12 hour day at the office.
Tags: computers, hotels, work

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