Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

For the Best

It turned out that the BASFA Baseball Outing was called off and I didn't have tickets to the game tonight after all.

Oh, that's bad! No, that's good because Lisa never did come down with me to the Bay Area on account of the temporary crown starting to come loose and her needing to seek urgent dental repairs. Thus, we didn't waste money on a baseball ticket we wouldn't have used.

Oh, that's good! No, that's bad, because we'd planned on spending the weekend in Yuba City attacking the storage locker, and now she was in the wrong place.

Oh, that's bad! No, that's good, because she did get the temporary crown reattached and because she could carry with her some things that I'd left behind that I needed this weekend.

Oh, that's good! No, that's bad, because an unexpected storm moved in today dropping snow in the Sierra Nevada and making driving hazardous.

Oh, that's bad! No, that's good because anything at all to add a few more drops of moisture to our drought-parched states is welcome, and she could drive the Datsun pickup (4WD with M&S tires) through the snow, which she said was rather heavy along CA-20 this afternoon.

Oh, that's good! Well, yes, actually it is.

Bad Vaudeville routines aside, the cancellation of the Giants outing meant that I could drop the final night of my hotel stay in Santa Clara and instead drive to Yuba City this afternoon (I was able to leave work at 1 PM after a company function in Fremont) instead of tomorrow morning having to be up at 4 AM after having taken the train back from AT&T Park after a Giants night game. (The hotel in YC is half the cost of the Candlewood Suites Santa Clara.)

Lisa and I left Fernley and Fremont at almost exactly the same time, with the effect being that she got to the hotel in Yuba City less than fifteen minutes after I checked in to the hotel. Tomorrow morning we'll go collect a rental pickup truck and get my nephew to help us extract the sofa from the locker and deliver it to my sister.
Tags: baseball, basfa, family, giants, lisa, moving daze, travel

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