Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sofa, So Good

Because we got in to Yuba City last night and our rental truck reservation was not until the afternoon, we didn't hurry to wake up this morning. After a relatively slow morning, we went and had a late breakfast, then drove to U-Haul and collected the rental pickup truck. They told us that if we can return it by 1 PM Sunday, we'll only have to pay for one day's rental. Then we drove to my sister's house and collected my nephew and said hello to my mother, who had come down for the weekend. (That's all four of us in the icon: Mom, Me, my sister, and my nephew Shane.)

Shane and I rode in the pickup with Lisa following in the Astro out to the storage locker, where we pulled out enough stuff like the old battleship of a desk to make room to get the sofa out of the locker. For something that had sat on end in the back of a dusty old locker since 1993, it was in surprisingly good condition. Dusty, yes, but in physically good shape. Back when we moved in, I laid down a heavy paper mat under it, and it seems to have kept the end insulated sufficiently from the concrete so that even twenty years later it was in decent shape. We banged on the sofa and its cushions with brooms, and Shane and I lifted it into the pickup truck and we all drove back in to Yuba City. We moved it into my sister's living room, and they're very happy to get it. They also have a steam-cleaner, so they'll be able to get the dust out that the brooms and vacuum cleaners miss.

Lisa and I then returned to the locker and, after loading the steel desk into the back of my van (it's destined to become a work bench in Lisa's workshop in the garage), we moved the two twin bed box springs and mattresses (both write-offs; they were worn out by the last time they were used, let alone twenty years later) into the pickup, along with some old bedding that was beyond salvaging, and old boxes from me, Lisa, and Cheryl that I'd bunged into the locker when empty but that we agreed have been reused for the last time. Similarly, an old coffee table with one leg missing, the broken bed frame for one of the old beds (Lisa salvaged the three casters that were still left), and sundry other junk went into the truck, and Lisa tied it down with rope she'd brought down from Fernley for this purpose.

Having withdrawn the discards from the locker, we returned to the hotel and I re-checked the hours of the local landfill. It's a good thing I did so, because it turns out that they close at 4:30 daily, not 6:00 as I'd thought. It was already 4:30, so we weren't going to get anything else done today. But if we get started at anything approaching a sensible hour tomorrow, we should be over to go over to the facility in Marysville, pay to dump this junk, and return the pickup by 1 PM Sunday, saving a day's rental. At that point, the only things left in the storage locker will be boxes that will fit in the minivan. There's too much to haul on this trip (especially with the old desk in the back), but we're getting a lot closer to being able to close out the locker for good. We might have to put stuff into storage in Fernley (the garage is getting really full and we still want to park one vehicle in it), but we won't need as much space and it won't cost as much.
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