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Dust in the Wind(shield)

We did not rush out this morning, but we also got moving sooner than yesterday. After breakfast, we drove the pickup over to Marysville and the transfer station to dump the mattresses and other sundry junk. This went reasonably smoothly, and only cost the minimum $13.20 fee for the roughly 130 kg of stuff. We returned to the hotel, where I dropped Lisa off and headed for U-Haul fairly quickly because we were coming up on the 1 PM deadline for returning the truck and only paying for one day. Including a stop to put in a bit of fuel, I made it with two minutes to spare (and there was apparently a one hour grace period as well, so it wasn't quite that close). Lisa arrived at U-Haul just as I was getting the receipt for returning the truck.

Then it was back out to the locker for the third time this weekend. The battleship desk was already loaded into the minivan, so we just packed a few more boxes and odd bits around it. We also finally have enough room to start sorting things out into what we will eventually keep and eventually throw away. Lisa was also pleased to discover several boxes of books and other things that she thought we'd left in Mehama or otherwise lost. But wow, what a lot of dust there is in that locker! I'm glad that I've kept brooms and brushes there all along to try and dust things off enough to find out what is there, at least.

It's my guess that we have between 2 and 4 more minivan-loads of stuff remaining in the locker. It would be less, but most of the remaining boxes are odd-sized or have collapsed sufficiently under the weight of stuff over them that they're not going to stack easily. There will probably be one more trip to the dump to toss dead boxes and other junk we decide not to keep.

With my van completely full (our luggage will all go into Lisa's pickup tomorrow morning), we returned to the hotel. Later we got take-out food again and went for a long walk around Yuba City's neighborhoods, walking from our hotel near CA-99 clear down to Plumas Street and back, which was good exercise and more fun than knocking around all of those dusty boxes in the locker. We also refueled both our vehicles so we're set for the trip home.

Tomorrow morning (not too early), we'll head home to Fernley. In retrospect, we could have done this three-day job in two days, but it's a lot less stressful this way.
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