Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home, With Battleship

We got out of Yuba City about 9:30 this morning and convoyed home, staying in touch between me in the Astro and Lisa in the Small Orange Pickup by ham radio. We took our time getting home, including stopping for breakfast in Marysville, coffee in Grass Valley, a leg-stretch at the Alpha-Omega overlook trail of CA-20, and a late lunch at the Peppermill in Reno before getting home around 4:30 or thereabouts.

The Peppermill lunch buffet was closed when we got there, so we tried the seafood restaurant and gave their version of shrimp pan roast a try. Never again. It wasn't as actively bad as the version at the Atlantis, but both of us were feeling uneasy with the dish sitting on our stomachs on the ride home. We'll stick with the Nugget Oyster Bar version as long as the new ownership there allows them to keep making it. (Given the other changes at the Nugget, we're concerned that they'll ruin the Oyster Bar too.)

After unloading our luggage and personal affects, we tried to rest a bit. Lisa lay down for a while and I ground my way through e-mail. Work caught up with me even on my day off and I had several hours of work to do this evening for the Day Jobbe. That's probably just as well because we have to go to Reno tomorrow afternoon for a car-repair issue, then again on Wednesday morning to take Lisa to the TMJ specialist, then probably again to retrieve the vehicle from the air-conditioner-repair place later in the week. I'll be working in the evenings, but I need to get ahead and did so by turning around a request tonight so I could actually start on the things I'm supposed to be doing tomorrow morning.

After getting some rest, Lisa came and got me and we unloaded the "battleship" desk and the various boxes from the Astro. It only took about twenty minutes, and Lisa was able to arrange things so there was still barely enough room to park the pickup when we were done. The desk is in a temporary location until she clears enough space from her workshop for us to install it. I also will need to clear out the drawers in the desk, which are still full of the filed papers from ConFrancisco and other stuff circa 1993.

Finally, we went over to Scolari's for a small grocery trip. We expect to do a larger one tomorrow after dropping the vehicle at the AC repair shop. (We'll be convoying in so that we can leave it with them for a few days.)

It was uncomfortably cold in the house when we got back, enough so that I had to light off the fireplace. And here we thought we were done with the fireplace for this season. Oh, well, we still have some firewood left, and we needed to either use up or move the remaining wood stacked on the front porch anyway.
Tags: day jobbe, house, lisa, moving daze, travel

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