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I was up at 5 AM to work on Day Jobbe stuff so I could turn things in before most of my co-workers were at their desks this morning on account of having to take Lisa to the TMJ specialist in Reno for a too-early-for-Lisa appointment. They spent several hours working on the treatment plan and taking molds for permanent appliances that should slowly push her jaw back to where it belongs, which should un-pinch the nerve that appears to be causing her tinnitus. This is not cheap work. We made the initial four-figure payment on the Phase I treatment plan. Some of it might be covered by insurance eventually, but we have to pay up front. On the bright side, the frequent-flyer miles on my United card should put me over the top for a free ticket for the UK for Worldcon, assuming there are any seats left by the time the points hit my account, which may not be until the end of May.

The work with the TMJ doctor went rather long; so long that I ended up missing a meeting for Day Jobbe, but it seems to be okay. When we got free from the doctor, we went to the Atlantis, where I had a 2-for-1 breakfast-or-lunch buffet coupon for which today was the last day. Lunch is much cheaper than dinner, even without the coupon, and I found myself eating about the same things I get when we come for dinner. (Dealing with cracking crab and lobster, which is on the dinner buffet sometimes, is more work than I enjoy.) Even better: on the way out, I thought to ask, and the bottle of hand sanitizer (that I bought in Brighton at WFC last year; I'd been refilling it from the home supply as needed) that I'd left behind last week when we ate there was in the drawer under the greeter's desk. I'm glad to have that back, for minor sentimental reasons.

More good news: After lunch, we checked with the auto-air shop, and the vehicle had been repaired and was ready. That was very welcome news because it meant we could go collect it (the shop is at the same exit from US-395/I-580 you take to get to the Atlantis/Convention Center complex) today instead of having to make yet another trip to Reno tomorrow. We convoyed back home (the AC works just fine now), I got back on the computer, and Lisa went to lie down for a while.

The only bad news today: too many carbs from the buffet. My blood sugar shot up over 200 and proceeded to go up for the next several hours, even after a dose of Metaformin and walking to the post office and back. As I write this, a bit more than four hours after eating, it has finally come back down below where it was an hour after eating (now 223 mg/dl). More walking required. I would rather lie down and rest, but until it has come back below 180 on the way back toward normal, I have to exercise to get it moving in the right direction.
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