Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Circus Comes to Fernley

Well, no, not actualy a circus, or even a circus train, but a train that uses circus-style loading and unloading.

Union Pacific has been doing a bunch of track work somewhere east of here, and they have a complete work train that we've seen coming and going through the area. A couple of days ago, the train came through and stopped, giving me enough time to grab the camera and start recording just as the train began to move again.

The batteries on my camera died just before the tail of the train came into view. The work train slowly moved away from us. But to our surprise, it showed up again half an hour or so later going the other way. The reason they had stopped was to open the switch into the turning wye (the former junction with Southern Pacific's Fernley & Lassen Railroad, now cut back to a long tail past the Nevada Cement plant), where they turned the entire train. Fernley has one of the few places along the UP line in Nevada where you can turn an entire train.

There are still photos of the train on my Flickr account.

We get to see all sorts of trains going through here. They're not all boring double-stack trains shooting through at 70 MPH.
Tags: fernley, trains, union pacific

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