Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

To The Trains

Today is National Train Day. Lisa suggested that we take advantage of having bought memberships in the Nevada State Railroad Museum and drive over to Carson City and visit the museum. (Membership comes with free admission.) It also turns out that in honor of National Train Day, they were running their restored McKeen Motor Car, which they operate only three or four days a year.

0I am not feeling very well overall. I've caught a cold, and was moderately sick when I got home last night, but sleeping in for four extra hours of sleep made me feel better, so we decided to go ahead and make the trip to the museum. Lisa drove, giving me a chance to rest some more. We drove to Carson City and had lunch (second breakfast, really), at the Carson Nugget, then headed to the casino. As it happens, the people eating in the booth next to us had just come from riding the McKeen Car at the museum.

When we got to the museum, the car was just pulling out of the depot, but that's not a big deal because they were running every half hour. We bought our tickets (half price for museum members) and went up to the main building for a while. There we found Excess Temptation: used railroad books at bargain prices. We bought several of them before walking back down to the depot where the McKeen Car had returned for its 3:30 departure.

While we stood on the platform with Lisa looking into things and asking questions of the crew, a light rain began to fall, becoming heavier and colder over the next few minutes. I said to Lisa, "I'm going to wait inside the car where it's drier," and climbed aboard, sitting in the rear "observation section" of the car.

There was a light load for the car as we went out for our three laps around the Museum property. There were only a few other people on board, and Lisa regaled them with train tales and explained things about the other equipment you can see around the Museum. The rain turned to rain mixed with snow for a bit. When we got back to the depot, we made quickly for the main museum building again to get out of the rain.

After looking through the exhibits, we went into the gift shop again, where yet more train books waylaid us, including Volume III of Railroads of Nevada and Eastern California, of which we had the first two volumes. At least we get a 10% discount on non-sale items with our memberships.

Our initial plan was to continue on to Reno and do our large-scale grocery shopping, but I was not feeling up to it, and Lisa agreed that we should just go on home, where she fixed me a big pot of chicken soup and told me to get some rest, which I intend to so. But I'm glad we went to ride a train today.
Tags: health, lisa, nevada, trains

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