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Fire on the Mountain

I actually was ready to go too early this morning, because I had an errand in Reno that I could not do before 10 AM when Twin City Surplus opened. (I had to return a wrong-size item and order the correct one.) But that meant that packing to go was not rushed at all. I bade Lisa and travelswithkuma goodbye for a few days (they'll be down for BayCon this coming weekend, which lands in the middle of my planned two-week stint in the Bay Area) and made for Reno. My business done, I pulled back out onto I-80 and saw a large cloud of smoke on the mountains to the west of the city. I stopped at the Scolari's in West Reno so I could take a picture.

Fire on the Mountain

This is apparently the Hunter Falls fire according to local news sources, and it's going to be difficult to fight given the inaccessible location. On the good side, no homes or people are currently threatened. On the bad side, all fires in this drought-struck part of the country are dangerous.

The trip to the Bay Area was relatively routine, as I continue to learn to drive the Rolling Stone. It's still more stressful than the Astro, particularly when there's crosswinds, as there were today, particularly crossing Altamont Pass. We're thinking of having a steering stabilizer installed, which would make it less twitchy.

This will be the first two-week trip in the RV, but it's not a full-blown test of its livability because there will be a 3-day hotel stay in the middle of it. My only real challenge will be to get to the BayCon hotel in Santa Clara before all of the surface parking spaces fill, on account of I certainly can't fit in the parking garage!
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