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BayCon Continues

I spent the day relatively restfully at BayCon. I have posted some of the photos to my BayCon Album on Flickr, and as I post them, I've Tweeted them using the #BayCon2014 tag, so watch for more tomorrow as they present themselves. There was at least one other very nice costume that I snapped, but discovered the hard way that if you take a photo within the Flickr app and don't upload it before taking another one, the app dumps the first one from memory.

We wimped out and turned in quite early tonight. I'm still not feeling particularly healthy (although I'm now back on my diabetes and HBP meds as Lisa brought them down with her) and don't have the stamina to be up all day and all night. We're just glad we haven't make a whole bunch of commitments to people here.
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