Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Saturday at BayCon

I continue to marvel at how different it is to attend a convention without a vast number of stress-inducing commitments about which to worry. It's a good thing, too, because I continue to suffer the ravages of hay fever, just less bad than a week ago. Being able to sleep in, look around when we feel like it, and sit down and watch the convention go by is a wonderful thing.

Anyway: on Saturday we had a lunch appointment with Doug and Kirsten Berry, which have Kirsten the ability to give travelswithkuma his long-delayed birthday present.

Doctor Bear
Kuma Bear now has his own Doctor Who scarf. Considering that neither Lisa nor I brought any of our costumes with us this year, that makes Kuma the only one of the three of us in costume.

Speaking of costumes, later in the convention we spent quite a while sitting near the Fan Tables area, which was one of the good places to see people in costume, and sometimes I was able to take pictures of them. This is how I learned also that (unlike what I wrote yesterday), Helsinki in 2017 has a presence here at BayCon, just not a fan table.

Steam Punky Brewster
Nolly here had Helsinki Moose and ribbons to give away. She was looking immensely cute in this costume, and even moreso when she explained that she was "Steam Punky Brewster." *groan* *applause*

Portland in 2016 Westercon continued to do a land-office business selling pre-supporting memberships as Lea Rush explained why Portland will be a great place to hold the 2016 Westercon.

Portland in 2016 Westercon bid table at BayCon 2014.
Kuma Bear helps Lea sell memberships. Bear thinks it would be very nice to visit Oregon again, as long as his girl doesn't have to live there anymore. Oregon makes Bear's girl moldy if she stays there too long.

We had a look through the Dealer's Room, and I added books to the pile I will be purchasing later this weekend from Cargo Cult Books. I Tweeted the following picture of the Cargo Cult table.

Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion for sale at Cargo Cult Books table at BayCon 2014.
Here's Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion, the collection of steampunk stories influenced and set around Bristol and published by Cheryl Morgan's Wizard's Tower Press, keeping good company at the Cargo Cult table. If you are at BayCon, do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy today.

FanimeCon is also going on this weekend, and some people are attending both of them, along with the Fanime affiliate Clockwork Alchemy. This makes for an interesting combination of costumes on view.

FanimeCon overlap with #BayCon2014

This lovely girl was at BayCon having been at FanimeCon earlier in the day.

I'm not a huge shutterbug, really, but I've been snapping photos with my phone when I see things I like, posting them to my BayCon folder on Flickr, and Tweeting them from my @KevinStandlee account.

Later in the afternoon, I ran into Sally Woerhle, BayCon's Fan Guest of Honor, who was looking for a dinner party. She agreed to go with Lisa and me, later joined by Lea Rush, as we have the Astro and could transport people off-site for a little variety, there being only the hotel restaurant and some fast food places within easy walking distance of the Hyatt. We had a nice early dinner before returning Sally to BayCon to take care of her evening FGoH responsibilities.

Lisa and I briefly went to Saturday's parties, but we both were feeling pretty tired and once again turned in early. We find we really can use the extra time for winding down before getting some much-needed sleep. However, we did enjoy ourselves socializing with people, as we expect to do again on Sunday.
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