Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

BayCon Loose Ends

Re-reading what I wrote about the last day of BayCon, I realized that I left Lisa in limbo at the Portland in 2016 Westercon bid table. She stayed until a bit after Noon, and then set off for home, leaving me to pinch-hit for her behind Portland's table. (If this was a contested race, I would have been quite leery about doing this, as I am about getting too involved with the 2017 Worldcon race next year on account of being a director of the parent corporation of the Montréal bid.) I lasted until nearly the Bitter End, striking the set just before the Closing Ceremonies.

After packing up, I went up to an unofficial wind-down party ashi (who had actually been at a convention out of state all weekend) was hosting for a while before hanging out in the lobby until it was time to head for BASFA. I took BayCon FGoH Sally Woerhle with me to the BASFA meeting. (That makes Sally the first person other than Lisa and travelswithkuma to have ridden in both the SMOF van and the Rolling Stone.) BASFA voted to declare her the club's "Ambassador to Cascadia."

Lisa left me a message that evening letting me know that she made it home around 6 PM, once again making excellent time because she was traveling against the majority flow of traffic.

After BASFA, I returned Sally to the hotel, but I didn't go in for the Dead Dog Party myself because I really needed to try and get to bed on account of needing to return to my up-at-5-AM schedule for Day Jobbe. I managed, but it wasn't much fun.
Tags: baycon, conventions, lisa, rolling stone, work

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