Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I continue to get used to driving the RV, but it still feels terribly twitchy to me, so on Monday we took the Rolling Stone to Safari RV in Reno and left it with them for the next week or so for them to install a steering stabilizer, which should make it have less of a tendency to dance all over the road.

Lisa followed me in the Astro and after depositing the RV with Safari, we went to the Atlantis for dinner. It was a lucky evening. First, their slot club kicked out another 2-for-1 breakfast/brunch/lunch (unfortunately not dinner) coupon, and it gave me a $10 bonus slot play as well. While having dinner in the buffet, I marked a keno ticket as I often do. The $5 ticket (five games, $1/game) hit better than I ever have before and paid $21, which paid for most of one of our dinners. Finally, while the Atlantis has managed to retire most of the slot machines we enjoy playing, we did find one into which to feed the $10 of free play, and Lisa generated about $6 in actual money from it, which paid for the rest of one of our dinners. And of course, eating dinner before going shopping reduced our tendency to overspend while shopping, which made it overall a pretty good day.

I'm still not well, however, and Lisa did the driving to take us home as I continued to hack and cough at whatever is down in my lungs and throat.
Tags: health, lisa, reno, rolling stone
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