Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Lock 'Er Up

Having concluded that we would not be able to fit everything from the Yuba City storage locker into our garage and still be able to park at least one of our vehicles (the Small Orange Pickup) in it, we needed a storage locker. There was one place within easy walking distance (just beyond the post office), but all of their lockers were either too small or too big, and it cost more than the one we're clearing out in Yuba City. To our astonishment, the storage places on the outskirts of town along US-50A are even more expensive. There is one place not too far from us — we could walk if we had to do so — that had an 8 x 8 locker at a not-unreasonable price. This afternoon, after going over to the City Hall to vote early for the primary election, we went and had a look. Lisa had her tape measure and pronounced her satisfaction with the unit, so we put down the money and rented it today, even though it may be a few days before we can actually move anything.

Lisa plans to install some free-standing shelves that are currently in the garage in the locker. (You of course can't attach things to the walls in a storage locker.) This will allow her to upgrade the shelves in the garage to some heavier-duty shelving that she can attach to the walls, it being our own garage and all that (one of the nice things about owning instead of renting). We'll then be able to move as much of the boxes we want to store (mostly Cheryl's books, actually; it's cheaper for her to pay me to store her stuff than to ship it and find a place in the UK) into the locker, and that will free up enough room to get the last of the boxes from Yuba City and close out that locker.

Of course, now that we've taken the plunge on a locker in Fernley, it's increasingly urgent to close out Yuba City so that we won't pay double rent. Unfortunately, a very busy travel season looms ahead in July-August, but we'll mange somehow.
Tags: cheryl, fernley, house, lisa

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