Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sunday Shopping

We had another 2-for-1 brunch coupon from the Atlantis, so we went there first today before our planned shopping, arriving around Noon. Turns out if we'd waited until about 1 PM we would have had a much shorter wait. After brunch we undertook our errand to Grocery Outlet, Whole Foods, and Winco, plus side trips to Office Depot and Barnes & Noble. I also was supposed to go by Twin Cities Surplus, where something I'd ordered from them had arrived, but I forgot about it and by the time I remembered, they were closed. It's not urgent; I'll get it later.

By the time we finished our grocery shopping, we were surprisingly tired. It's not like it was particularly physically demanding. Hot outside, though. The rest of Sunday has been set aside for serious relaxing.

On the health front, I'm slowly starting to get my voice back. I reckon I must have gotten some sort of infection that is eventually fading away, but it's been a pain — literally, in the throat — while my body fights it off. I sure hope it's gone by the time I head back to the Bay Area next Sunday for a two-week stint there.
Tags: health, lisa, reno

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