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Day Jobbe was only running at ordinary speed today, so, having started work at 7 AM, I expected that I could quit by 4 PM. Around 3:30, I went out to the garage, where Lisa was working on shelving in anticipation of us taking another shelf and more boxes to the locker. As I rounded the corner, a wasp flew at me and stung me on the chin!

Yeow! It wasn't a very deep sting, and the wasp flew away again, but it's the first time I've been stung in nearly twenty years. Lisa and I went inside immediately, where she applied a water-and-baking-soda patch after confirming that there was no stinger in the wound (they only good thing about a wasp sting as opposed to a bee). After a little while, I put an ice pack on it to keep the swelling down. It's not fun, but it could have been worse.

I finished up with Day Jobbe and gingerly made my way back to the garage. Yep, there was a wasp nest hanging from above the garage door. Wasp killer was now on the shopping list, but first, it was over to the locker for a brief round of logistics. I say brief because in 35°C heat, you really don't want to work that long if you can avoid it.

Locker Day 3
First we loaded more boxes onto the existing shelves. You see at the right some of the pieces that go into making these modular shelves.

Locker Day 3
Next we assembled shelf #3. We are short a few pieces of shelf material that we will make up on a future trip to Lowe's. There's one more shelf in the garage of this type that we will install on the opposite side of the locker. Then we can fill up the shelves with boxes of books and papers, freeing up enough space in the garage to install bigger, better shelves.

After the short, hot work in the locker, we went to Lowes, but we didn't like the look of what they had for wasp killer, and on the spur of the moment we decided to drive to Fallon to go to Big R. The fact that the AC works in my van but we still don't have it in Fernley House was a major determinant in this decision.

At Big R we bought wasp spray, some new gloves, and another box fan. We also learned that Big R has apparently finally been granted an occupancy permit for the Fernley store, and it must be pretty serious, as one of the Fallon staff who will be working at Fernley is looking to sell her home in Fallon and move to Fernley.

On the drive home, we agreed that we were both worn out, and stopped for pizza for dinner. While waiting, we chatted with a couple who were on a circular drive around the USA, having started from Saint Louis and gone to Southern California, then north through the Central Valley, over Sonora Pass, through Virginia City, and next toward Idaho. We wished them well and headed home with our pizza in hand.

After dinner, it was late into dusk, which the wasp spray said was the better time to spray as the wasps are less active. I carefully stood away and directed the spray at the nest, thoroughly soaking it and then quickly distancing myself from the nest in case I missed anything. I wasn't immediately set upon by an angry swarm of wasps, so maybe that did the trick. We'll see tomorrow.
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