Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Scratch One Nest

This afternoon, I carefully approached the wasp nest that I bombed last night.

Wasp Nest
There were no signs of life from the nest, so it looks like the wasp spray worked. We'll knock the next down by spraying it with water when we get a chance.

There's not much good I can say about wasps, but apparently they do prey on garden pests like the worms that turn into moths, which is probably why this nest settled here, as we are surrounded by moths, and their young have been feasting on our trees if the chewed-up leaves are any indication.

After dinner, we went over to Lowe's and bought heavy-duty shelving to replace the light-duty shelving that we're moving to the locker. Unfortunately, Lowe's doesn't have enough of the cross-beam members in stock, but we bought what they had. It's a pity we couldn't buy everything at once, including the first set on the other side of the garage; we could have gotten the contractor discount. But when we're done, we're going to have, as Lisa put it, the best shelves in the neighborhood.
Tags: house, lisa

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