Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Locker Progress

Yesterday afternoon while I was working on Day Jobbe, Lisa went over to the locker and assembled the fourth and final modular shelf. Later, after lunch, we went over together with another load of boxes.

Locker Day 5
That's all the shelves that can fit in here. Now we'll fill the shelves with boxes They won't be all the same size and shape — we'd like that ourselves because it makes it easier to move and stack, but you take what you can get. We're still considering putting a pallet on the floor between the shelves and stacking some more lighter-weight things there, although it would restrict access to the rear shelves.

Lisa has assembled the first of the new larger shelves in the garage and started moving things back onto them. We went to Lowe's last night to buy some of the metal shelving that fits into the shelves. We used particleboard for the lower shelves, but Lisa wants the lighter metal rack for the top shelf, onto which she will stack things that won't fall through the grid.

While we were at Lowe's, we asked about more of the cross-pieces. We need another fourteen beams, which would have brought our original purchase to the 24 needed for the 20% contractor discount. It appears that a bunch more beams are arriving today, so we're going to try going over there and talk to a manager about "virtually returning" the original ten shelves (we have the receipt), then buying 24 (fourteen more in the store plus the ten we already have). If they really need us to do so, we can physically bring back the original ten beams even though it means disassembling the shelves, but the discount is substantial (it amounts to $72) and would be worth it. We hope the manager will be sensible enough to not require us to physically return the beams we already have to get the discount.
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