Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Shelves Take Shape

Lisa could not sleep, and working at night is much more pleasant than in the heat of the day, so she spent part of Saturday night sawing particleboard shelves into the right size and assembling some of the metal shelving that we bought at Lowe's earlier in the week.

Shelves Under Construction
By Sunday morning, this was where things stood. Lisa secures the shelves to the steel frame of the garage with bolts, so they won't fall over. Particleboard shelves go in every slot except the top one (which uses open metal grid), with U-brackets (not visible here) underneath to spread the load and prevent the boards from buckling in mid-shelf.

In the foreground is a pile of more boxes and other miscellany stacked on a pallet. This stuff will eventually end up on the shelves so that we can reclaim the center of the garage as a place for parking vehicles.

I'm very pleased with the progress on these shelves. Organization is happening.
Tags: garage, house, lisa, shelves
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