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See Lucas Back in Anger at Westercon

While I was very pleased to see the production of Lucas Back in Anger receive a Hugo Award nomination for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form, one challenge has been that it can't be distributed due to licensing issues on the music. (It has nothing to do with it being a Star Wars parody.) A small number of copies do exist, and I have one of them. If everything comes together, I hope to be able to show it at Westercon, probably right after Match Game on Tuesday (last day of the convention) at 2 PM. This is all subject to Conzilla programming confirmation, of course. (It makes sense to do it this way because we can re-use the tech setup -- we'll use my computer's DVD player and the data projector we'll need anyway.)

The other Hugo-nominated work performed live at Interaction was the Prix Victor Hugo speech that framed the Hugo Awards ceremony. You can download a video of this performance, but I also intend to show it (it's about ten minutes long) prior to showing LBIA.

I'd like to thank Westercon for their cooperation, and I do hope that everyone attending Westercon won't all head home at Noon on the last day of the con.
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