Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Progress

Lisa reports that the building contractor with whom we've worked in the past came by and discussed numerous options for home improvements with her. It turns out that while the cost of undergrounding the electrical line is more than we're willing to stomach, they can otherwise work with NV Energy to have a new, 200A line dropped in and do all of the electrical work themselves, so we only have to pay them for the combined work. (They are a general contractor after all; we would be paying them to do the consolidation of multiple jobs.) It will still be a while before we can get things going because we will be gone so often this summer, but between the contractor's reassurances that the things Lisa wants are doable and not prohibitively expensive and our favorite plumber coming next week to deal with more issues to help the house become more livable, I'm feeling better about the future at Fernley House.
Tags: house, lisa

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