Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Brief Homecomming

I got away from the office about 10 AM on Friday, but had several errands in the Bay Area and then later in Sacramento to do, and Day Jobbe things to do on the road when I stopped at Colfax for coffee, so it was a longer than usual drive home. Just as I was stopping in Truckee to buy a cola, Lisa called to tell me that the power was off at Fernley House and NVEnergy's emergency number has a phone tree that she could not negotiate. I both called and got online ‐ there's a small space in which I can work in the living area of the Rolling Stone, and there did appear to be a power outage in parts of Fernley. I called Lisa back to reassure her, finished my Truckee stop, and drove home.

When I got home, power was on everywhere but our house. I called NVEnergy again, and they said to check the main breaker, which turned out to be off. Presumably when they fixed the outage and the power surged back on, it popped the main breaker.

Saturday I got to sleep in clear until 8 AM, which is quite a bit when you've been getting up at 5 AM daily. As this is the last quiet weekend at home I will have for months, I hope to take it relatively easy.
Tags: house, lisa, work

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