Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon Day 1

Lisa noticed at a room party this evening that other rooms had wired internet connections, and when we came back to the room explored and figured out that there was a wired connection in the wall, but it had not been plugged into the console that has various power and data connectors. She plugged it in, I connected the wired connection, and presto, we had wired internet.

Today, Lisa and I had few time-specific commitments. We therefore slept in late, and didn't get moving until nearly noon. This gave us time to go over and see a sight I never though I would see (or hear).

Tabernacle Organ
The Mormon Tabernacle in Temple Square is open to the public and they hold a 30 minute organ concert daily except Sunday at Noon. We went to today's concert and listened to the first number, Tocata in D minor by Bach. That is one darned impressive organ. We left after the first number rather than stay for the medley of patriotic music, because we hadn't yet had breakfast, but I'm very glad I got to see and hear this.

After breakfast, we took advantage of the fact that Westercon's badges are mutual admissions to the huge FantasyCon show going on in the convention center across the street and took a stroll through the event. It's a big old hall with piles of dealer booths and loud things happening. Lots of people in costumes, which is neat, but I'm glad I didn't pay for admission to it; my money was better spent on the weekend at Westercon, smaller, quieter, and more focused on things in which I'm interested. I'm sorry, though, that I didn't take any pictures of the event.

Back over at the Marriott, Westercon was actually running. We picked up our program books (they hadn't been available the night before). I never did see paper copies of the schedule, but there is an online version, which is okay for those of us with smartphones, but not so great for everyone else. We were very flattered that there was a nice plug for Match Game SF on Page 5 of the Program Book opposite the Chair's Message. We put up fliers for Match Game around the convention.

Airship Sails for Westercon
There's copies of Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion for sale at the Cargo Cult Books table in the Dealers Room.

After getting fliers posted, we were free for most of the rest of the day, which we spent talking with various people until about 5:30, when we went out to dinner with the Ontells and with Linda Deneroff. There was an Ice Cream Social going on when we got back, and Westercon Fan Guest of Honor Chris Garcia was holding court at one of the tables (and the other Guests were doing so at their own tables). We hung out there until the music program started, then went up to the 15th floor, where the Portland in 2016 Westercon bid was hosting the Con Suite. We divided our time between the Portland party and the DC in 17 Worldcon bid going on at the opposite end of the hall. It had cooled sufficiently that the outside balconies were pleasant, and we watched random acts of fireworks going on around the area.

Just before midnight, we returned to the hotel room to get wound down. Although we're not needed until the Fannish Inquisition at 11:30 Friday morning (I'm moderating; Lisa is recording), we can't lie in as late as we did on Thursday, and we're not able to party all night and con all day the way we were twenty or thirty years ago.
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