Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Westercon Day 4: On the Road Again

Our original intention was to try and get on the road well before Noon on this final day of Westercon because we had a long way to go and we were not taking the quickest route there; however, I got distracted watching the Wimbledon final, and there was a further delay due to not being able to locate the Westercon ballot box so that Ron Oakes could carry it back to San Diego with him (saving me having to take it home and get it to SD next year). Scott Sanford found the box, it having been left in the Boardroom where they'd counted the ballots on Friday night, and got it to Ron, which was a relief. I further discovered that my Giants reusable mug was gone; however, it turned out to be sitting in Salon B where I had left it since the Westercon Business Meeting the morning before. Hooray for not losing things just because we're absent-minded.

As we had let slip that we had a little bit of spare space in the van, we found ourselves carrying a box of Cargo Cult Books and a duffel bag of Finland in 2017 Worldcon bid materials, with the understanding that these things aren't going to get back to the Bay Area anytime soon.

Finally managing to say our goodbyes to everyone and get moving just before 1 PM, we headed south with our first stop being a rather late breakfast at the Black Bear Diner in Sandy. I'm collecting BBD locations for their "passport" promotion, and it was unlikely I'd be through here again anytime soon, and we were hungry, so we made the side trip.

After eating, rather than getting back on I-15, we swung over to UT-68 and drove down the west side of Utah Lake. Our destination today would be Ely, but rather than taking the fast route (I-80 to Wendover, then US-93A/93 to Ely), we were going to head straight for US-6/US-50. But that's another entry.
Tags: travel, westercon

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