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More of that Funny Furriners Round-Ball Game

Italy and Ghana did not oblige the USA by playing to a draw, which puts the Americans in an even deeper hole going into their second match. It's not impossible -- Turkey lost their first match in the last World Cup and came back to eventually finish third in the tournament -- but it's not going to be easy.

A promised pile of work did not materialize today, so I went out for a walk around Quarry Lake Park, which I had pretty much to myself, except for the birds, rabbits, squirrels, and fence lizards (lots of those -- dozens of them basking on the rocks). I took my radio with me and listened to sports-talk radio. While at least one of the hosts was talking about how the Sweden-Trinidad & Tobago match sort of reeled him in, some of the others continue to have this condescending attitude toward the game that everyone else in the world calls Football. The fascination with it apparently completely mystifies most Americans. The KNBR guys were talking to a US sports reporter in Germany, who summed up the US attitude by saying, "I don't plan to stick around after the US is knocked out, which doesn't look like long now." As usual, the American attitude is that any sport that we don't dominate must not be very important, and is something played by People Who Talk Funny. Sigh.
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