Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Rest of the Story

I have managed to tag, caption, and release the remaining photos I took using my phone during our Detcon 1 Trip. Those of you who followed my Twitter feed saw some of them along the way. Here's all of them in sequential order from leaving Emeryville for Chicago to our return two weeks later with a NASFIC in the middle of it all.

There are a bunch of photos of amazing Colorado River/Rocky Mountain scenery. Trust me when I say that these photos do not do justice to the views, many of which can be seen only from the train, or possibly from a boat floating down the river. This is trip you should take sometime. I'm lucky to have been through it four times; three eastbound and now one westbound.
Tags: amtrak, nasfic, trains, travel

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