Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Clarification

Inasmuch as it appears to have been unclear, we haven't been running around buying things because we somehow were unaware that London was a large city where many things can be purchased. It's because the things we have been buying are things we want to have before we start traveling. These include an SD card for Lisa's laptop computer (onto which she wants to load things as a backup for other sound files she's carrying on her MP3 player), and a carrying strap that will allow her to carry the Pelican case we bought for the camera over her shoulder. None of these are big things, but getting them done will make our traveling that much easier.

Of course, sometimes we've traveled on an assumption that some supplies could be replenished while traveling, and were burned. For instance, during the Japan trip in 2007, I ran out of Gold Bond medicated powder, which I had been using liberally in the humid conditions there. I could not find in any store into which we went any easy equivalent.
Tags: travel
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