Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

A Walk in the (New) Park

After dinner this evening, we walked down to the Fernley Farmer's Market, and then beyond that to the new park that has been built where there used to be a big-rig parking area. This park was built with a grant by the Black Rock Arts Foundation (related to Burning Man), and today was the official dedication event.

Bottlecap Gazebo
This is the "Bottlecap Gazebo." The leaves are made out of thousands of bottlecaps. There are ladders in the center of it that give you access to the observation deck, but be aware that it's a straight-up climb and getting down was harder than getting up.

Top of the Bottle
Here's what the leaves look like up close.

The Depot Stands Alone
From up top, you can look across US-95A/50A at the Fernley Train Depot, looking rather forlorn as all of the loaned equipment and exhibits have been hauled away due to the dispute between the Fernley Historical Society and the City of Fernley over actually opening the relocated and restored depot as a museum and visitor center.

Balanced Rock
What looks like a rock on a stick is, sort of. It's a 9-ton stone slab on a spindle that a single person can set spinning.

Rocky Irony
This sculpture is called "Desert Tortoise." Note the sign in the foreground being happily ignored.

There are a few more photos in my Flickr account in the same album as those. Just follow the links through the photos if you want to see the others.

Anyone coming up to Burning Man should be able to easily pop in to Fernley proper before turning north to Gerlach, or else look in on your way back, and see what the Burn Hath Wrought here. Mind you, there are still people complaining that the park took out a good place for big-rig trucks to park overnight.
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